Plan Conference papers / Book series -Associated

The main features included in this investment plan are highlighted below:

Papers conferences indexed in scopus and / or wos (with issn)

1 book series classified as Q3 / Q4 in Scimago (categorized or not in CPCI-S or CPCI-SSH) or 1 paper indexed in Scopus with a percentile lower than 50% (categorized or not in CPCI-S or CPCI-SSH).

Includes paper registration in conferences and / or open access

Yes, up to 500 USD

Effective appointments per year


Possibility of recovering your investment by monetizing as a researcycler

Yes, you can place papers on our platform and get cash

Other benefits included.

Thanks to research groups

Certification of your contributions to the project

Collaboration agreement between authors

Invoice for third party payment **

Informe antiplagio ***

Soporte  y seguimiento

Traducción al ingles o español (si aplica)

Adquisición o levantamiento de la base de datos (si aplica)

Mechanisms for data processing (if applicable)

Personnel for data processing (if applicable)

International authors

Possibility of attending conferences

Publishing options for the plan.

Here are some of the publishing options for this plan. These are only for reference so that co-authors have an idea of the journals, Book series and equivalent quartile conferences papers in which their scientific articles can be published; however 1) the choice of these depends on the main author, 2) RC works with all publication media indexed by SCOPUS and WoS as long as they are not considered predators by the scientific community.

SCImago Journal & Country Rank
SCImago Journal & Country Rank
SCImago Journal & Country Rank
SCImago Journal & Country Rank
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