About us?

ResearchCycles is a network of researchers founded in the United States that has
as an objective to virtually manage scientific research to increase
productivity and visibility of the academic community, facilitating cooperation
between professionals, research centers, publishers and universities of any
region; ethically, efficiently and tailored to the capabilities of its

Be a promoter of productivity and visibility of the scientific community through publications indexed in databases of recognized world prestige, and using a method of cooperation between its participants to facilitate the process by minimizing costs and time.
In 5 years we have become a solid network recognized for its strategic support to the community scientific to increase your productivity and visibility.
Strategic Objectives 
  • Work with the indexing databases of scientific articles of international prestige, such as Scopus, WoS Latindex, & nbsp; scielo, etc …
  • Publish in high visibility international journals.
  • Facilitate the process of generating scientific articles through the cooperation of researchers in projects according to their time and skills.
  • Increase the scientific visibility of researchers, universities, research centers, publishers and journals around the world.
  • Establish goals and tasks for the network participants, as well as control their fulfillment to obtain a tangible and quality product in the shortest possible time.
  • Watch over the intellectual property of our authors and the academic community in general.
  • Minimize the costs of scientific research for network participants.
  • Establish international investigative cooperation networks.
  • To become a source of income for researchers from all over the world who wish to project and share their knowledge.
  • Promote and increase scientific production and visibility in universities and research centers lagging behind due to lack of funding, as well as in regions historically of low scientific productivity.
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